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ExudeU is a social enterprise.

We accelerate and amplify the impact of our programs by offering a BUY ONE – GIVE ONE opportunity to both corporate and individual clients.

We know you will see the value in the tools and programming we bring to you through our Excursions and programs and if you are like so many of our previous clients, you will want others to experience this, even if they are resource challenged.

Because of this, we have a unique program that allows you to give this opportunity to someone we select for one of our ExudeU Sailor Scholarships!

We encourage you to suggest organizations or individuals to consider, however, please keep in mind that this is not a “split the cost between friends” type of BOGO. ExudeU uses a confidential and considerate approach to identifying individuals for scholarship.

If you or someone you know would benefit from this opportunity and would be a good fit for a scholarship, please encourage them to use the form below to submit an application for consideration. Both individuals and organizations can suggest and communicate about our giving program at email [email protected].

Apply for a Sailor Scholarship

PLEASE NOTE that the number of scholarships varies based on current clients supporting this outreach so there may be a wait on enrollment.
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