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Custom-fit solutions for forward-leaning teams

Custom-fit solutions for forward-leaning teams

Our faculty and facilitators are certified in a long list of personal development instruments and we work with your team to identify which approaches would work best to propel you forward in your passion and mission. Let’s talk about how we can serve you which we will follow-up with a custom proposal.


Focused teams are high-functioning teams.

We will help your team focus on the right things, using 4 major life simplification acts to build more ease, playfulness, and prosperity into your organization.


We will help your team apply the science of well-being by using mental, physical and energetic alignment to work less, play more and achieve true fulfillment and happiness.


We will help your team see time from an abundance perspective and free you from the lie that being busy equals success.


(or no decision at all)

We will help your team develop greater self-awareness and clarity to make the best-grounded decisions.

Corporate Client Testimonials

For the past 40+ years I have had the good fortune of either working with Cynthia (early career) or asking her to assist me in building great HR and Management teams in more than 5  large organizations.  She has inspired me and my teams to be better and more insightful leaders and has challenged us to find our best selves to respond to the many changes we all encounter in our lives.  Partnering with Cynthia has been and continues to be transformational and she continues to be one of my most valued business partners!

Maria Randall

Principal, Randall HR Insights, LLC

Cynthia helped show me a path to creating a life I want; I appreciate this more than I can say. You only have one life, so make it great!


HR Specialist

Our core Nurses Transforming Healthcare team recently worked with Cynthia for a weekend retreat Strategic Planning session. The retreat was infinitely productive and both relaxing and created a space of diving deep within ourselves and learning about each other. This group has met virtually for 14 months and has created phenomenal results, but we had not yet all met in person. The human to human contact allowed us to bond already deeply impactful relationships. Cynthia's manner of both listening to us and targeting important insights was truly inspirational, while maintaining an atmosphere with no judgement and openings for fun at every interaction. Thank you Cynthia for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and warmth with all who wish to engage you. 

Leanne Meier

Online Talk Show Host "Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse"

Cynthia has been the chief architect of my ability to be an inspiring, inclusive leader and helped our organization respond to today’s ever-changing landscape. Our leadership institute for our managers was pivotal in our success. 


Regional Director

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